A good place to sell houses etc?

Hi All,
does anyone have experience selling there rehabs or wholesale deals on this website. I think you do Not have to be a realtor to do so, as I am not. I was talking with the guy at the other day and they have impressive stats. He sent me a tight little PowerPoint presentation for me to see as well, so i am researching and thinking about advertising there.

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Bill Guerra

I was under the impression that only lists MLS listings. What you could do is use flat-fee mls listing service and put your house on the MLS, but you still would owe the buyer agent commission. is owned by the National Association of Realtors. You must list your home via a broker to get onto Fadi’s suggestion of a flatrate MLS listing service is a good cheap way to get onto there as it may only cost you $500 or so.

Rich is right. I am a full time real estate investor and also a Realtor. I provide local invetors a limited service lisiting on MLS for $99 and their properties will appear on There is probably someone in your area doing something similar. Check with a local REIA.