Really need your help guys!!!

Hey everyone! Iam a 20 years old Real Estate Broker student, I´am really itrested about Wholesale, Lease Option and House Flipping. At the moment Iam crashing at a friends apartment wich is a 2 bedroomer with great potentialt.

The thing is My freind has to move out within a month becouse the owners is goning to sell this flat. I Know that this flat is a little goldmine since i have been reading about House Flipping etc…The flat is Locaded in the central of a Australian turistic town with great oacen view 200m from the beach. I have calculated the expenceses for a flip to approximate 15-20.000 audollars. But as a student a just cant afford to get a new loan nor risk it. I dont know much about Wholesaling or Lease Option but what a do know is that I can make money without having any of my money involved. Iam 1 month ahead of all other investors becouse the flat is not on the market yet.

I really need good advises for what you guys think that I scould do, I dont whant to miss out this opportunity…

Thank in advance

Sounds like they have already sold the property if you have to move out in a month, so you have missed out on it…

First, ask the owners ASAP if the property is still available. And, if so, what their plans are for it.
If they indicate they are open to something beyond a traditional sale, since they are already renting it they may very well be open to a lease option with you.