Realeflow Investor vs. Freedomsoft 4

I know there’s been a lot of questions asked about Freedomsoft and other CRM type software packages, but I haven’t seen anything about Realeflow Investor, only Realeflow’s other software packages. Investor is a software created after their Openroad software ceased. I’ve watched a video on their website and it looks similar to Freedomsoft, but may also do some things differently and some things additional to Freedomsoft. Of course, the video doesn’t go into great detail about all of it’s features. I’ve watched a pretty lengthy video about Freedomsoft where there was a pretty thorough demonstration given, but it was for version 3. So, to my question: Has anyone used Realeflow Investor and/or Freedomsoft 4 and can actually give some good information on either on of them? I’m looking for a general review of the overall experience and whether either one was able to fulfill most, if not all needs for a software.

RealeFlow has many features and coming out with a completely new platform very soon. also I’ve used Freedomsoft which is bit easy to use.

You also check I think it is the most complete software.