Real Market Experts course?

Anyone ever heard of these people? Is the course any good?

Never heard of it how much is this one?

can’t get a price until I call them tomorrow. It’s in Scottsdale, AZ.

Real market experts stand for Nouveau Riche. Their website is Don’t waste your money. If you want to get started in real estate the rightway I would suggest looking at doing landtrusts. since we can’t plug anything here check out all the sites about landtrusts. Decide for yourself.
Mr. Vegas

Thank you.

I just found this nouveau riche thing and they sounded like a company in the UK that does most things for you (finds pre-constructions, change of use, mortgages, lawyers, etc) and has been quite successful over there. Haven’t been able to find anything of the sort in the US and NR was the closest so far.

Land trusts, huh. I’ll look into it. I’m more of a refurb gal myself.


Glad I could be of assistance. The key in our business is not to just talk. Its about taking action. No action, no income for us.

Another blissful NR Kool-Aid drinker, methinks…where’s Wallace?