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where would i go to find 2 to 3 people to invest in a real esate/bussiness. and how do i give the specifics to would bes without being cut out. say for instance if i knew where there was property for sale that let say would cost 100,000.00 today but in 6 months will be worth 10 times that. and if i knew this was for sure 100 % because i had the knowledge ok lets say hypotheticaly speaking that a huge deal was just signed tonight that a major corp. bought a huge farm to put a state of the art factory on that was going to make this area that is rural explode with activity and all the property around it is for sale real cheap because no one has any idea that this is fixing to happen. how would i go about this like i said without someone just using my need for a partner or two aginst me …Do you see where this is going .Please Help ME
I mean i hate to sound dumb but im a truck driver and this isnt my area of expertise, and i dont wont this oppertunity to get away i mean this is my big chance to live comfortable and provide a sound future for my babies ANY HELPFUL KNOWLEDGE WILL BE GREATLY APPRECIATED

Can you document what is going to happen in your market? If so you should contact some hard money lenders.

Hello, New investors are born everyday. How serious are you about proceeding with this project? Would you have some funds available to secure a loan?

first, if you know that the price is going to explode, why would you need to share you treasure? Why not proceed by yourself?
Second, you can find a bunch of people in your local REI club. Join one and start networking.
Good luck!

Like i said im only a truck driver and far from knowledgeable about these type affairs hence the post the reason id involve anyone in this is due to the fact i have only 15000.00 of my own real dollars to invest in something that would cost around 100,000.00 im serious enough to put my families nest egg that ive worked tirelessly to save up im just scared that if i explain it to someone that they could sneak in behind me and snatch it up and im locked out in the cold… Ive investigated and know this to be sure the property i want to obtain will within 6 months be the most highly sought after property in this region i have 8 days left on my deal with the owner not to sell to anyone else till i get the chance i tried loans but my debt ratio is to high from where i finaced 3 new 18 wheelers had i known about this i would have kissed trucking goodbye

Howdy Almostpersuaded:

Do not give up with just 3 lenders. Try 3 more right now. With the money you have you should be able to close on a loan by yourself. You may try a mortgage banker where they have access to numerous lenders and not just one company and their rules. There are all sorts of no doc and low doc where income ratios are of little concern. Do not take a no for an answer and give up. It took me 18 months to find a lender for one deal but I now live in the home of my dreams and am doing what I truly LOVE.