Real Estate Wholesaling Accomplishments

As I begin what I hope will eventually be a full time career in Real Estate wholesaling, I’d love to hear from some of the vets that have completed wholesale transactions and have some success stories to share. What has helped me with other goals that I’ve accomplished throughout my life is hearing from other people that have succeeded in the same endeavor. It really does inspires you to move forward.

So, if anyone has any success stories or really good wholesale deals that they’ve put together, I’d love to hear them!

After loosing $245,000 on my first three flips (stupid, stupid, stupid!), I fell into wholesaling by accident. An employee from a previous business contacted me and toldme he was in foreclosure. He said he’d just gotten out of rehab and the bank was ready to tak the house. I looked at the property. It needed work, but was in a fantastic neighborhood.

Three weeks after I signed the agreement of sale, the property was wholesaled and closed, I walked away with over $30,000. I’ve done over 150 deals since then, but have yet to yield so much from a single transaction. Good luck!