Real Estate Wealth Expo

Has anyone here attended the Real Estate wealth Expo with Donal Trump and Robert Kyosaki? I considered going, then was told it is just a lot of infomercials and chaos. However, I think if it really has content I wouldn’t mind hearing from the Kyosaki’s and Tony Robbins, but if the crowd is 50,000 then maybe it’s hard to get anything out of it?? Any input? Thanks! ??? 8)

I really don’t think it would be much more that a live infomercial. The reality is that kiyosaki doesn’t have much to teach, The Donald is way beyond where most of us will ever be, so has little to offer indidual investors other than “think big”, and Anothony Robins wont have enough time to teach what is worth learning. I have been to many a free seminars, and all they usually teach is you need to buy their “stuff” to be “Successful”

One could say its good for networking. Which is true, but do you want to network with a bunch of dreamers or those who make things happen. People on these forums make things happen, and this is the place to network.

Spend the money on a book instead, and enjoy the peace and quite.

been one in las vegas, if you have time to spare/waste go for it, otherwise stay at home or get paid somewhere else. if you go have a seat and have a beer.

I say go for it. I read rich dad poor dad and then read about robert at the expo in LA so I went. It’s not a lot of money to go. Did I learn anything-Yes, not to buy anything from Albert Lowry or the guy selling the tax lien stuff. If you are interested on what they have to say then buy a book (when you get home) about the subject there talking about. Good thing is it gets you pumped up and to go out and earn money. I hope this helps.

Yep I went last weekend in Chicago. I sprung for the VIP ticket too which cost approx. $400 depending on what coupon code you have. Of course, after I bought it I received an email from Robert Kiyosaki’s website saying I could buy a ticket for $99. So, my point being is that you should definitely NOT buy a VIP ticket. It just wasn’t worth the money… HOWEVER…

The expo was good. Listen, it is a giant infomercial. Interesting enough a lot of the money you spend to go to the expo is so that you can listen to sales pitches BUT I learned 3 things that will save/earn me $1000s of dollars each. Is that worth my $400? Of course it is! Also, a lot of courses are crap, there is no doubt about it. But you know what?? It only takes one thing you learn in the course to make you a $1000. Are the course prices worth the money if they can do that?? Of course they are.

A lot of the problem with people is that they do not act on the information they learn. If that is you, then I recommend you don’t do anything except work 9-5 at a ‘normal’ job making somebody else rich. I’ll tell you this much… I made an offer on an apartment building yesterday which is the day after the expo I attended. I should’ve bought David Lindahl’s course at the expo but I passed. Now I’ll have to buy it here.

There’s my two cents worth… hope you all are having a great day! :slight_smile: