Real Estate Tips Fpr Begginers

Recently I came through a good and informative video on real estate tips, I found it awesome and also useful. It is my pleasure to share this video with you all.
Check out this cool video:
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I checked out this video, its really appreciable and cool. I totally agree with Amish.
In the beginning I just thought that it must be a regular one but I was amazed to watch this video.

Five stars to this video…
Great video I have ever and never came across.

good stuff!! 5 stars!!

Not bad at all… Has anyone really done this course and does it work though? I never did the start small in my life I tried to it just didn’t really work out that way for me. I think that the days of the double close though and the assignement of contract are almost over. Keep in mind that this might work on a few deals a year where you can make a quick 10-30k. Yet if you are only doing a few deals a year that way you are might as well go to work… And I don’t like going to work all that much. LOL I would rather make 1,000 a deal and do 20-30 a month. All your money is made at the title company/attorney office I would rather spend my time there. Just me personally.

On the contrary.
Wholesaling and assignment of contracts is very much alive. People just have to make sure they buy right in order to move volume.

Smells like an infomercial… :bs

Assignment is alive I am just saying there are fewer lenders that will lend with short to no title seasoning.

And there is no infomercial coming on… Sorry Jake I have nothing to sell!

Thanks for sharing the video. I’m trying to research everything about foreclosure. Husband and I are thinking about becoming investors, seems like there’s alot of money to be made with all of these foreclosures. Foreclosures are everywhere… my problems is learning how to pick out a good investment verses one that isn’t a money maker. Here is a graphic I’d like to share.
and I’m not selling anything either!! just a funny foreclosure graphic!

Welcome concernedowner! Where are you located?

Nice video , would be helpful for new beginners !

Hi I am unable to see the video

Here is a better site that explain foreclosure.

Real estate agents like to work with the public and have always felt safe in performing their jobs, but the trend has changed in recent years, with a number of officers robbed and murdered while showing homes and other properties.