Real Estate software

What RE sotware do you use to calculate weather or not a deal is good or bad? Any good calculators out there that will give you your target figures by punching in your numbers?

Thanks in advance

I usually go to and click on the top tab “Calculators”.

you can calculate 30 year mortgages on it. And another tool I use is for my palm device.

Click on the 18 free palm tools and it has a mortgage calculator.

But first thing you need to know is the current median market value in the area you’re buying in and/or the rental rates. That will tell you if you are getting a good buy. Then the financing can be done to fit your investment criteria.

For example:
$100K Loan on an Interest Only 5/1 ARM at 7.0% will be approximately $700 per month.
If you can rent the property for $1100 or so you’ll receive an extra $400 per month on it, minus taxes and insurance of course. You can use that extra money or reinvest it back into the property to pay down the principal which in the long run will build the equity. The thing to remember here is, you have the OPTION to use the money or reinvest it. It’s always nice having options. This would work very well for a Lease/Option then you a timeline to get cashed out and the property can receive appreciation also.

As opposed to the other guy I don’t buy real estate with the banks money. I always buy subject-to or for cash. However I think what you were asking for was a worksheet that calculates what the numbers of a deal are. I posted the spreadsheet I use on my website, it’s a variation of Ron Legrands. Hope this helps!

With your “left over money” you need to figure in all the things that might go wrong (5-10% each for vacancy, maintenance and management (if you get tired of clogged toilets at 2am). Always leave plenty of wiggle room.

Thanks for all your replies. I’m going to use the calculator to help me. Wish I had all cash to do deals with!