Real Estate Software

Maybe someone could HELP me. I am looking for a software that allows templates for the real estate forms that I will need for Investing. Does anyone have any suggestions. PLEASE HELP?

What state are you in I know the link for Colorado if not just use and try to link to dept. of real estate! that is what we use in colorado hope this helps!

Thank You reoconsultants. This does help. But also, What forms are impairative for me to have? I am in the state of California.

I am in Florida. I have the same question. Where can I get a copy of the FAR/ FAR Bar and any other forms. I checked the state department of professional regulation as someone mentioned in a previous message but the forms were for applying to become an agent, broker etc.

I have seen sites that offer forms but how do I know if they are current and legal to use. The forms tend to be expensive ($200+)and I would like to be sure that what I am getting is legal. Are there any sites out there that specifically state what is needed in each state?

What is the average cost for the forms does anyone know?

That is the link to Colorado I don’t know if t will help but at least you can see what I use!