Real Estate Risk Management

Can anyone direct me to any resources, articles, publications that discuss real estate risk management from a portflio perspective. I am attempting to do some “downside risk analysis” to determine how my properties will perform in a variety of economic conditions. I am currently going all OPM with a secured credit line combined with traditional mortgage financing to obtain"control" of residential real estate assets ( primarily townhomes and condos) in a historically very high performing market.

I am financing with interest only debt and buying properties that will break even + or - and holding for appreciation. I am trying to determine the point at which I do not have the appetite for any more of these deals. What is that magic number? Does it relate to net worth etc…?

Thanks for any feedback.

You want risk management? You can start out by learning to never, NEVER, buy properties with little, no, or the worst, negative cashflow. Real estate investors do not buy properties banking on appreciation. In real estate, you buy properties at a discount from fair market value. Appreciation, if there is any, is just icing on the cake.