Real Estate Related Business Practices!


Very rarely do I start new topics as I generally hang out in the back row waiting patiently to answer a question or throw in my two cents worth, however there are to many things going on in the real estate and business world which I find startling and scary!

I answered a forum posting about a company called Own Brix about 6 or 8 weeks ago, well I did send an email to a friend, we talked a little, I think I understand however in the interests of an investigation I have never gone back to post a response as an answer. Unfortunately things our government both state and federal check into can take months or years to complete and I am not going to jump in the middle after the fact.

I heard about something last week with a new real estate and investor platfrom who decided to discriminate against a member because the member has a real estate related business that compete’s with the host membership platform, so instead of welcoming this guy and being confident they had a good platform too and allowing the open networking discussion and welcoming the challenge, they turned around and demanded money from this guy and then threatened to end his membership, which they did some hours later!

I still don’t know all the details and keep my ears open for new status updates, but I do know they also are or were false advertising and the discrimination and extortion (Money Demand) is going to kill them, I don’t know what get’s into peoples heads as they start and run there business in the United States but feel like our laws don’t apply to them!

Then I hear about some new auction website that want’s to create binding transactions, allow the bidding on property and act as auction platform. This is fine, dandy and great except that 29 US States have laws requiring binding transactions be handled by licensed and bonded auctioneers! Funny how those little laws just jump right up and bite you in the a_ _ !

I went back and read the terms and conditions in the largest auction site in the world, Ebay and now I think I know why Ebay is not a binding auction, and markets it’s real estate auction services as “Marketing Only” to put sellers with potential buyers to create a contract and hopefully close as per the ruling state laws and contingencies allowed by each states laws.

I can’t understand why these business owners are not reading, learning and consulting legal professionals before they jump in and start a business! Real Estate is one of the biggest products with the most state and federal laws.

It worries me that no one reads or bothers to understand the laws with running and operating a business or understanding simple laws like DMCA, The Anti Spam Regulations, Advertising and Marketing Laws, Link Policies, Public business laws like Anti Discrimination, Fair Business Competition and Truth in Lending and Privacy Policies.

I work in and use the same networks, due diligence and information avenues all of you do, but when there are all these people who keep creating these get rich quick schemes without bothering to read and research the business laws can stick us as financial losers and can get the business owner there day in court or time behind bars!

If any of you have heard of stories or experiences with people just ignoring the law for there own personal gains or have created something question able let us know, I am bothered by a lack of good sound business practice in businesses, out to seperate us from our money!



The reason no one read things like that is they call it personal greed. Who would want to trust Ebay?


So Real Estate Seller you believe then that those who purpose to create the impression of a business to take advantage of unsuspecting victims is just a short term endeavor which does not require legal compliance of any kind because they don't intend to be in business in 6 months to say 18 months to 2 years? So they intend to fly under the radar and take every dollar and run?

Now my next question is “You do not trust Ebay”? Why?



The reason I don’t trust Ebay is a lot of Fraud.

Eventually if you do something illegal, some lawyer and/or government agency will get involved and shut you down. I have seen two companies go down and face criminal charges, one a credit repair company and one a foreclosure rescue company that claimed that they can sue the lender to get the house free and clear while milking their clients in foreclosure.

I agree 100% and a real estate company in Florida (Which can not name at this time) will be feeling the heat very soon for doing wrap around without contacting the lender.

Why are you saying this.

The reason I don't trust eBay is a lot of Fraud.

So it is not eBay that you do not trust, but instead those entities that list real estate items on eBay?

Entities that list real estate items is the problem not Ebay.

And most of the time this is where frauds and most crimes and inside jobs takes place.

I guess it’s just a matter of personal choice then. People may either trust EBay or not. It;s not EBay itself but those people who sell in EBay. Thoug EBay has a bit contribution on it and should fix these kind of issues on their users.