real estate rehabs

I work for a real estate syndication firm in New York on Long Island. All investments have been reviewed by Wells Fargo and GE Capital. Does anyone know where to reach the most people without going to The Wall Street Journal or Investors Business Daily?

Howdy Bigmetsfan:

What are the SEC limits on advertising syndication deals. I studied this in College in 1977 and it has changed since then for sure. I do see deals on other forums mainly Yahoo forums that are not monitored for ads like this. I am of the belief that they are violating all kinds of SEC rules. Will you share how you can even do this legally.


I didn’t know there were regulations. I have had these checked out by two huge banking institutions and would like to reach the most potential investors without going broke with advertising costs. I have an accounting background and from a financial standpoint they make alot of sense.