real estate purchase agreement

I want to use Carlten Sheets purchase agreement are there any loop holes that I need to be aware of?

I am a big sheets fan but found the Sheet’s form a bit generic. It has to appeal to all state and all types of investors.

Try and get your hands on a purchase contract form a local Realtor. It still has to be filled out correctly. I think it will be more widely accepted by a seller in your area that the Sheet’s form.

I can send you a blank sample of a Connecticut Purchase contract to compare to the Sheets one. If you think that will help. Message me.


So what type of contract should we use if we are not working with a Realtor? I’ve heard the office store type are not always good, so what are we to do?

You can still use an Illinois realtor association contract. I got my hands on a few from Ct and just used those. Next time you talk to a realto, just ask what one looks like. It’s not a guarded secret.


Jeff says in his reply, “Try and get your hands on a purchase contract form a local Realtor.”…most times, all you need to do is ask one for a copy.

I concur. If the local Realtors are using them, then you know that every lawyer within range has already looked at them.