Real Estate - Portugal - Low LTV High ROI

Would somebody help me, I am trying to find lenders that will fund low LTV real estate in Portugal, especially in the High ROI tourist province of Algarve.

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Sergio how is a lender protected in Portugal? How is property title handled? Is it like the US where a deed is recorded? Is there a government records depository where title is vested?

Tell us how that process works?


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Yes in Portugal the deeds and mortgagee titles are similar to the US, they are kept in public record.

I do know that these documents can be consulted in order to find private investor or lenders locally, though I intend to explore the international niche of investors and lenders.

And there is a Government scheme which grants Golden Visas to whom invests more than €500.000 in Portuguese property, allowing for residency visa in Portugal, and free circulation within the European Schegen Space of 27 countries

I hope to have answered to your doubt. I am at your disposal and have a good day.

There is also a statement of debt that is made for loans, and this is done at the notaries, in order to be notarized, for more security for the lender.

Thanks for your question.