Real Estate Marketing

I want to know which is best Real Estate Marketing among Traditional Marketing and Internet Marketing? Which will give more leads?

For buyers’ leads, definitely internet marketing (social media, blogging, landing pages with optin.)

For sellers’ leads, old-fashion direct marketing (sending a letter or an oversized postcards to vacant/absentee owners, pre-foreclosures in bank or tax auctions, etc.)
I hope this helps!

The most effective ways to market your real estate business is online. There are lots of techniques where you can connect more users and promote your business.

Internet marketing, without any doubts. The more property sites you can cover, the better is will be for business. Fortunately, many of listing platforms have syndication service. I know that Zillow and Rentberry have it for sure. Thanks to this tool, listing is shared to other sites. As a result more leads are attracted.
Moreover, the cost of digital marketing is lower than one of traditional. With the help of Internet, you can reach thousands with just a single post.
Ideally, you should use two types of marketing to improve your business.

I disagree. You should focus on direct mail marketing to increase your leads. They are instant.

Agreed diversified mediums are the best way to drive the most leads. If I had to pick one Id say direct mail in mass quantity

Its all about big data…if you have the right data, direct marketing.
If you are going digital…remember that most clicks are bots.
Either way you need to answer the phone when the prospect calls or he/she will call the next guy.
We have all the national data…so data is not an issue. I run over 200 million names through the NCOA and CASS reports every two weeks, so I know within two weeks when vacant property shows up and I know if its still vacant in 6 months or 12 months. The major players are doing a lot of good direct marketing, but they can do better by accessing all the real property data (owners, prior sale date, apn number, mortgage info, sq ft. etc., year built) and then segment the market to allow you to reach the more likely seller.

In my opinion, the Internet is the best platform to market real estate business.
Here are some helpful tips to generate real estate leads:-

  1. Create brand and listing videos,
  2. Share satisfied client reviews and testimonials
  3. Leverage your real estate agent website
  4. Enhance your organic presence and use paid ads
  5. Email segmentation

In my opinion, online marketing is the best way to market real estate business which includes SEO, PPC, Social media and SEM.

I have been doing mass mailing. Facebook ads and ppc. Its important to diversify. Another one that is very important is ranking well in google with SEO.

Online. It’s the only place to intercept natural search traffic.

Traditional Marketing and Internet Marketing. Doing both will do no harm but it will need more effort. If you need more lead you need to work more.

Both Traditional Marketing and Internet Marketing have their own impact on business success. You are required to understand that your marketing needs should be more about your clients, not about yourself. Only then you will be able to implement the marketing strategies correctly.

Great advises. I started to put in practice your amazing tips. For the paid ads I opted for Google ads and Linkedin ads. I hope I will have satisfying results. :slight_smile: Have a great day!

I would say it depends on who you’re marketing to, and for what purpose… Are you an agent looking for listings? An investor looking for motivated sellers, or cash buyers? The specific market and product type you’re going after is also worth considering.

Personally I’ve found direct marketing to be too tedious and overly time consuming for the low quality of leads (motivated sellers) I was getting, in my market anyways. Sending out mass mail is similar to casting a huge net in the ocean; you might get more fish overall, but you can also get a lot of other stuff that you don’t want and is time consuming to sort through.

I’ve been focusing more on online marketing and working at getting my site ranked at the top of page 1.
In my opinion the quality of leads is generally much higher with online marketing; you’re capturing the attention of someone who has a problem and needs someone to help them. To use the fishing analogy again it would be like using a rod and lure to catch a specific fish; you might catch fewer overall but the ones you do you’ll want to keep.

If you have a lot of time and resources however it would probably won’t hurt to do both. I would narrow down your target as much as possible though, and track your campaigns so you know where your best results are coming from.

Direct mail, Google AdWords, SEO, and Facebook ads for me

This question is not asked correctly.

If I sent out 3 Million post cards vs. just my passive website, I am sure you will get more leads from the post cards. But at what expense though.

So my answer is, the website gives the most leads, but again this is if you are ranking 1st on google…

My recommendation is to always have multiple fishing lines out there (internet leads, direct mail, adwords, networking, etc.) and if you do this you will consistently have deals because at times one lead source works better then another.

Its worked for me since I started real estate investing in 2004. I track my ROI per lead source every year and direct mail has out performed internet leads year after year. I do think that credibility has become more important over the last few years so establishing a great website with testimonials and other credibility tools really makes a difference. I am focusing efforts recently on SEO and hope to increase my organic rankings as I know that can be powerful.

Internet marketing is much more cost-effective, all-inclusive, easy to handle, and just a tick of mouse can, without much of a stretch do a great part of the specialized work that, as at then required outsourcing. Also, it is easy for you to get connected with your target market since most people are into online advertising, social media for instance.

They all work. Pick one method you are comfortable with to start with and implement. Add another method after first one is saturated or you have done a good job setting up.

The biggest problem I see in lead gen. is people trying to do everything halfway and never really do anything. Real estate has been around a lot longer than the internet. Good luck