Real Estate Marketing Techniques

Hi everyone i want to share some marketing ideas related to real estate business.

  • Focus on Local market
  • Offer Required information and Worthy content on your website.
  • Use video to reach your target audience.
  • Social Media Plays a vital role in Marketing now a days,Use Social Networks like Facebook,twitter etc to advertise your business.


You have shared very useful information about, some important points to be taken care before starting real estate marketing. Hope this post will be helpful to many peoples who are planning to start with real estate marketing.

Do more photo and video sharing on social networking sites and so local listings

SEO is another way to improve your business. It will help to improve your site rank in search engine.

Classified ad is another good option for real estate marketing. It will drive more visitors to your website and generate the leads.

Never forget to check customers advices on google, foursquare, etc… They can be dangerous to your company

I am thinking of starting to use video.

Awesome information . I get lots of knowledge to ready this post . I want to use these techniques to grow my real-estate business. But guys if you also have some more tips so please don’t forget to share your tips in here. Great post , i bookmark it and read regular.

Real Estate Marketing

Ahhh, nothing like the smell of it. lol.

It really depends on what you are marketing.

Get you a lead page for one. You wont make as much money with out one. This will gather you leads and keep them in one place. Yes you will have to pay fees to aweber (or what ever auto-responder you use) but its worth it and will pay for itself many times over. We can talk about all the marketing methods in the world but if you are not funneling them leads to a place you can profit from them, then whats the point. :confused

But to answer you question, I like to use Facebook, Local signs, and CL. :banana :banana


SEO is a different animals these day so you must know what you’er doing. Can’t tell you how many people who think they know SEO finds out that its harder then you think. Educating yourself before jumping into it will save you tons of time and money.

I completely agree with you, social networks play the vital role to promote the business of any niche. Real estate marketing can be difficult, if you fail to have a correct target audience. It’s very important to list your website in the classifieds ads, and also let your audience know about any special offers you provide.

Not only use these things, but use them daily and aggressively. Overall its about getting your business out there so all people in the local market will know who you are. Networking is the next step so email and call as many people as you can to get them on your team.

  • Put properties on the MLS.

  • Buy some ad spot in magazines or in advertisement.

Call the brokers and all past clients for referral.