Real Estate Major

Im doing a accounting major at my university and was thinking about doing a double in real estate as well. Does it make a difference if i learn this at my university that takes me another year or pay another school for a week course and then take the test for my license? I want to specialize in commercial leases, helping owners lease there properties and helping companies find a property to lease.


so your college has a real estate major??..thats cool…but im a senior at university of dayton and im majoring in entrepreneurship which is great…so if your school offers an ENT major then i think you should look into that…that knowledge will help you out with whatever you do

Diversify. Get a major and minor you can use in case Real Estate doesnt work for you. You don’t need a degree for Real Estate, but you could use a degree for something else.

Please read my first post, its clearly says accouting major thinking about doing a double major and including real estate. I want to know if i can just take the week course at a school that i pay and will it be the same information.

The one-week course won’t be nearly enough information, nor would you be able to use it. I would definitely take the double major and really do your book-learning before you graduate and go out to work.

My daughter is taking college-level real estate courses now and I am so jealous. She is learning the financial basics and at a much greater depth than I know. She will have many analytical tools available to her that I don’t. I love looking through her textbooks. Stay in school!


Seems that some people say do the double major and some say just take the classes from another school that take a week or 4 weeks. Anymore opinions out there?

Some of the more successful investors I know have a degree in communications or marketing.

I really don’t see what a real estate degree will get you. All you really need is the legal requirements for your state. Most of the knowledge in real estate comes from experience and networking.

Even in the commercial field?

I would say even more so. Education is very important and is the foundation for licensing and certification. I’m not saying don’t educate yourself, but I don’t think you need a degree.