real estate license and criminal background?

My friend is interested in getting a real estate license. But she was arrested a couple years ago for battery on a LEO and resisting arrest. She did one years probation and adjudication was withheld. she has completed her probabtion and the case is resolved. This also happened in another state from where she wants to get her license.

If the RE board looked into the situation and read the police reports, they would see the case was BS.

anyway, will this prevent her from getting her license? shes looking into taking online classes, etc and it would be a shame to waste that money and time for an automatic denial.

She obviously pled this case. They told her that if she plead guilty that she would not have to do any jail time and deferred adjudication would not show on her record. I run background checks for my tenants as well as potential employees. That deferred adjudication that they say won’t go on your record, always shows up on your record. Don’t do it. If you get in trouble with the law, don’t take the public defender. Their job is to clear the docket. You want a lawyer that works for you to make sure you get acquitted. I know this doesn’t help your friend but the department of justice says that the conviction rates of those with public defenders is 90% while private paid lawyers is 88%. (that says the pretty much if the cops bring you in you did it). But the incarceration rates for those convicted and represented by public defenders is 71% versus 54% for private lawyers. That means that you are a whole lot less likely to do jail time if you pay for your lawyer and slightly better chance of getting off.