Real Estate Lawyer and CPA in Denver, CO

I’m new to real estate investing, and, in an effort to start off on the right foot (so to speak), I’d like to talk with a lawyer and CPA (both of which specialize in real estate). I’m wanting to get all the foundational pieces in place before I start doing deals.

The problem, however, is that I have been unsuccessful in getting any references to real estate lawyers and CPAs. I’ve litterally asked 10 different people (all of whom have some sort of real estate affiliation) and not a single one would offer a referral to the lawyer and/or CPA that they work with. I didn’t realize that people kept this sort of information so close to the vest.

Therefore, I’m posting this message to see if anyone might know of a good real estate lawyer and real estate CPA in Denver, CO.


Bill Bronchick is in Denver.

Bill Bronchick is the best in Co. He’s also a well respected RE Guru and Author. Question is, will he take you on as a client and can you afford him? I’d definitely call his office for referrals.

Thanks. I knew of Bill Bronchick before my posting. I called and he’s not taking anymore clients. :frowning: