Real Estate Jobbers

I was reading about something called real estate jobbers. Is there really any stock to this? Barry Grimes has a 5 volume set for $97.00 that teaches you how to do this. Has anyone had any success with this? Does anyone use anyone like that? For a beginner, would it be any kind of lucrative? What kind of work is it? and finally, would you suggest taking this program and using it to start building my own business? He says you can get started without investing any of your own money, and you can still make money off of it. If that’s the case, why would anybody ever go into full scale investing? I would think you would rather make money without the added risk of the initial investment, wouldn’t you? Thanks everyone for any input.

Howdy Lethul1:

A jobber is a birddog if I remember correctly. They basically find deals and tell other investors and get a fee. The next step is to get them under contract and flip the contract for a bigger bone. Then as your experience increases you may want to be a rehabber or a buy and hold investor. You can make a living and even a good one being a great jobber or wholesaler but you can amass millions buying and holding and even rehabbing enough big deals. Sure there is more risk but the reward is many times greater if you are successful.

So it sounds as if a jobber is a good way to start. Maybe I will check into Mr. Grimes’ book. Thanks, Ted!

I prefer lead genaration tech. it sounds so much better!LOL