real estate jobbers

What is the best referral fee one could hope for from an investor for a succesfully purchased property?

Jobber or bird dog?

A persons greed can cost them an investor! I would ask of my investor what he is willing to pay at closing for the leed
if I were a (BIRD DOG)! If I am going to flip a property,I will evaluate all of my numbers and be sure my investor is well compensated for his time and money that he invested!

Your investor is not a dummy! If there is not a good profit, he will just pass the deal! About two or three bad deals will be enough to turn the investor off. Your investment is your time in locating the property! Your investor is the one who has to gamble his money! (JOE)


My advice would be to learn some more about how to find deals and what makes a deal and skip the bird dogging bit and go to wholesaling houses to investors for $2,000-$5,000.

The skills it takes to find and determine good deals for other investors are the same ingedients for BEING a wholesaler to other investors. Only thing more you have to do is put your signature on a line.

This is what scares most people, however LITERALLY a few extra words and a phrase or two on a standard sales contract will keep you from getting stuck with a bad deal you can’t assign. Those words and phrases can be found in many of the freebie resources on this site and in these forums.