Real Estate Jobbers (Bird dogging)

I am new to this concept and real estate in general, but I would like to get into real estate with no risk at this time. Bird dogging seems to be the way to go for me. Has anyone any recommendations for courses, if nessesary, or ways to get started? I live in a rural area and am thinking it might be hard to find enough prospective deals here, but it is the market that I know the best at present. Any input would be a great help.


Bird dogs can make great money. It’s all about volume. Once you bird dog enough properties, understanding wholesaling will come with the territory.

Whenever a new investor comes up to me to learn real
estate investing, I don’t tell them to birddog, I teach them
to wholesale. I believe wholesaling is where you wan to
start your career in. You want to be a principle in the
deal, that way you have more control over the transaction.

Instead of learning how to birddog, get yourself a good
education on wholesaling. Usually, you will have no risk
in these deals.

If you want to pursue birddogging, make sure that you have
the proper legal docs in place so you don’t get into any hot

Thank you for your responses. I would jump right in to wholesaling if I was positioned financially to do so, but alas, not at this time. I just figured that bird dogging would be a good way to learn the business without the risk. I have been all over my area and found quite a few interesting situations. Would you have recommendations as to where to find a good education on wholesaling? I looked into a few companies so far but there are so many. I also understand that Maryland has some pecuilar laws on real estate investing.
Has anyone gotten the book or course by Larry Grimes on re-jobbing?