Real estate is a good way to invest

Hello friends,
This is my first post in this forum. If you think about a long-term investment then real estate is the good option for you.Spain is a good place where you can buy a property. The place boasts average temperature of 18 degree, beautiful beaches,friendly people, healthy cuisine and excellent transport network.

so first study about the property and its prices then take any decision on it :biggrin

18 degrees!?!! That is way too cold for me.

Well, 18 degrees C is 64.4 degrees F. That’s probably still too cold for you since you’re from TX. My wife doesn’t like anything cooler than 75.

Probably it’s 28 degrees, I guess so. 18 degrees is to cold, 38 degrees is way too hot.

No doubt a real estate investing planning is so essential now. Everybody wants to invest in that business sector. It is long lasting scheme and also it secured your future and becomes you are very rich person.

Well it depends on how effective and efficient do you manage your investments. Sometimes you will need a help from real estate agents that would help you make sure that you take proper cautions and decision-making on your investment, as well as opening other opportunities for you investments / business.

Since I am an engineer I tend to pretty much a jerk about things like units. If you remember the mars probe in this article. This makes me never take units for granted. but since I have an MBA and always think about what my market is looiiikng for if I talk units in Erope I alwasy use metric if I talk units in the USA I use english.

Both funny and a very good point. Use the right terms for the conversation and the market. Be clear what units are being used as you sometimes can not be sure what everyone understands.