Real Estate Investor Software

Which software programs do you use for easy calculations of investments, ROIs, rental evaluations, cash flows, long-term estimations, etc.? I saw one called Real Estate Investor Calculator Pro 1.2. However, not much feedback on it…good or bad… What software(s) are you all using? What would you recommend?

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The most recent I got is called, The Star Investment Analyzer.

I also found a widget -

And most “gurus” have their own they will sell you in their package. Most of them do the same thing.

What do you need software for? I use a cheapo calculator and can evaluate any deal in less than a minute. It doesn’t take a lot of complex calculations to determine if a property will make money!

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If you can’t do a simple evaluation by hand, you probably shouldn’t use a spreadsheet. Assuming you know how to evaluate property, and want to be able to do projections and more sophisticated calculations, there are number of packages that are available.

Go to this website and download their 10-year rental property analysis spreadsheet. It’s free and they have many other useful tools.

I took this spreadsheet and doctored it up by reformatting it, adding more graphs, some of my personal calculations, a place for photos, LoopNet links, etc. I find it useful to quickly evaluate rents, cash flow, finance and loan scenarios, total return, exit strategies, etc.

Do not do this until you can perform the calculations relevant to you, by hand.

Use Realeflow. I hear it is really good.