Real estate investor seeks aprentice...20k month

Deranged! is what I said. who would give you $16,000 to learn real estate investing? Of course I got the real deal ie our classes are accredited? my response is so what So are the Classes at most colleges. Do the participants at least get a real estate license at the end which costs about $145.00… Well No. Well where does the mentoring come in.

I have to pay you to birddog properties? Well no… it is for the training and of course you can also sell this training to your friends and families and make a huge income… So, after dealing with you I won’t have any friends or family who will speak to me. No, we have helped over twenty families right here in Sacramento whose lives have changed.

Well, my life would change too if I forked over $16,000 and found out that you are offering me classes… not training and I have made no money in real estate… what a croc of bs
. the New Rich will be them… not you. There is someone named piccolo at the head of this and I think I have heard that name before on the SCAMBUSTER Board. And just when I thought I had found the light…

But you know I am one who will not prejudge. I wanted to know for myself what it was and it is a Stay Clear Program

I can buy/control 4 or 5 houses with less than $16K! It cost me about $16K to send my daughter through 4 years of real college for her BA degree!


What amazes me is how ppl just fork over tens of thousands of dollars for b.s. hm… selling hope… lesse… use adobe software, make some ebooks, time from actually doing anything worthwhile… uh total start up costs $16.95…

With the internet you can do your due dilligence on almost anything. So, I am getting less empathy for people who fall for these obvious scams.

I tend to agree. I think ppl just want shortcuts. Read, research, repair your credit (whatever else) build a network, go out and find properties.

Heck, if that’s the case, give me $8,000 and I’ll go stand in line and play the mega lotto for you. Net Profit: $7,999.

What’s really bad is that somehow they come up with thousands of dollars for the training and then cry in the financing forum how they want 100% loans. I say use that ingenuity that helped you find the tuition money and just go buy a property.

 I attended a Nouveau Riche seminar.  the website is called investor's concierge (I think).  They have an encyclopedia and classes and the website (according to the speaker) provided the opportunity to "click on the a house."
 The first point that I would like to make is that this is esentially a network marketing pyramiding scheme.  Just like Amway, Herbalife and (spelling?), these folks gloss over the product (real estate investing) and get right to how much money you can make if you recruit people (and they recruit people...and they recruit people...ect).  Don't get me wrong I've met people who have made a TON of money in these types of programs, but they are usually better salesmen than anything else.
 My next point is that many of the properties on the website (from my understanding...I didn't join) are products of forclosure, ect. so they are trying to capitalize on props listed below fair market value.  Good enough idea, but they really encouraged owning out of state properties (California's in a bubble donchano).  This seems very dangerous.  It's one thing to speculate on appreciation, it's something else to buy property that you cannot see (drive by, walk through) and in an area where you know nothing about demographics, unemployment, industry, state law and taxes, and so many other things.
 If you made a fortune in Amway, then go ahead and join Nouveau Riche, otherwise I would proceed with caution.  For all I know, the classes, website and encyclopedia could be a gold mine of information, but that was not what they were trying to sell.

i saw those too while i was in utah. I noticed them more in Ogden. I called it too, silly exactly put a scam. I asked “I’m already well off how would you help me?” "Well for just (a whole lotta money) we will teach you things you already can read and learn from people in these forums, and with some patience and some common sense you could save (your bundle of money) and do it that way. What time do you want to schedule for?

Of coarse that’s different from what they said but how i understood it…

lol! good times man…haven’t laughed that hard in a while…


   I think I'll call the # and tell them to teach me all their "knowledge" and I will buy a property using their "unique" methods, and upon sale of my property, I will pay the tuition with my profit. Here's a thought... what if NR based their compensation on the member's success?
 I don't enjoy going out of my way to bash an organization but, when I attended a seminar for NR, (before I knew about them) they went off for 30 minutes spotlighting a 25 year old kid that after being involved for only a year, is making $200K and controls 20+ properties. Unfortunatly he associates with RE investors, bankers, etc. that I know and the kid is really a paycheck away from living on the streets. DECEIT! 
 In closing, I encourage DUE DILLIGENCE. many people don't want to hear it but, it will save you in the long run. Make yourself $ by putting $16K down on a property, not by paying your "NR mentor" to share enough info to know a little, but not take his/her advantage away.

Seriously, if you spend $16k on instant lotto tickets your odds would be better that you would get something back. You’d at least have SOME winners in the pile of tickets.

With the right contract language you can control a $GAZILLION worth of realestate under the right circumstances. …Priceless!

You’re misquoting, I think the figure they used was $QUADRAGILLION. :smiley:

There’s never a bad time for a foursome ;D

No. Anyone who wants you to pay them that kind of money to apprentice or learn is a con. There is an apprentice program in Orlando that is asking people to pay $24K a year. For that you get an education at the gurus elbow and get to bring them all the deals you find so you can split with them 50/50. Does that sound legit? You pay them, and then have to split half your deal with them?
I know many of you will read this and say yes, but if I make money. Yes, but. and that is the key word but. You have forked out 25K or 12K for six months, what happens if you don’t make money?
Get on and spend $69 for the same info AND free coaching…it’s a much better deal for a lot less.
By the way, all this nonsense about foreclosures etc. Some work, most don’t . Banks have appraisers too. They aren’t going to let a 350K property go for 200K that could bring 300K on the market tomorow. There is occasionally a good deal out there, if you do 35-40 deals you may find a couple, but it takes a LOT, and I will repeat this, a LOT of work. Remember this – the people telling you how to get rich in foreclosures are making their money telling you how you can get rich in foreclosures by selling you courses. If you were making 100K plus per year, are you going to spend your time finding more and more properties or selling courses for 2500 each?
Nuff said.

I agree with you whole heartedly. great post!

I live in Redlands, CA and I have seen all of those annoying signs popping up everywhere, from where I live (Redlands), where I shop (San Bernardino), and where I work (Rancho). It is really quite annoying!!

I found this post becasue I was doing a search on Nouve Riche (sp?). Last night I attened a Cashflow game event in Corona and at the end they had a ‘presentation’ for NR. I have done some research on it tody and I have heard both sides.

I have spent about 15k on CRAP this year trying to learn everything that I could get my hands on in the last year from all sorts of “GURUs”. But as I stated, they are all CRAP! I am looking for people to share their experiences with NR, positive or negative, and on (which was mentioned by chphomes).

I tried Primerica a couple years back and it left sort of a bad taste and I can see the similarties with NR. Has anybody actually acquired/attened/used their materials?

What about

Thank you all for your help!

16K is nothing.
I met a guy that paid over 30K for the Robert Allen both camp.
Go figure.

I checked it out and I liked it…a lot. They seem to know what they are doing.

Albert Einstein said it best!

Great ideas often receive violent opposition from mediocre minds.