Real Estate Investor Newbie

My fiancé’ currently works for a middleman that works for about 11 different private investors. The investors either find the residential or commercial properties themselves or the middleman does. The investors buy the properties. My fiancé (and only one other competing contractor) is hired to remodel them. The investors pay the middleman. The middleman pays my fiancé. The profit of the resale of the property pays the investors. Our ULTIMATE goal is to find, buy, remodel and resale the properties ourselves! My baby step in that direction is to begin Bird Dogging for other investors…

I have started listening to tapes (Carlton Sheets) and reading books (John T. Reed) and surfing every website on Real Estate Investing as possible. I start Real Estate Agent school in a couple of weeks. However, I am ready to start Bird Dogging potential investment properties NOW so I can quit my day job and start a family! I currently work as an Office Administrator/Receptionist at a wonderful company with employers that allow me to surf the Internet for personal use in my spare time (M-F/8-5).

We are currently looking for leads on distressed properties and sellers, such as preforeclosures (both residential and commercial) in and around the Indianapolis, Indiana area! I am anxious to help others find properties as I learn the ropes with the ultimate goal of flipping and sharing the benefits of profitable rehabs. So, I need to be able to gather as much information about a given property as possible (preferably via Internet) in order to present an accurate analysis to the investors. Can someone advise me where to find the details, such as original listing price, comps, average utility costs (and whatever else I need to evaluate) once I’ve located a potential listing on MIBOR.NET and/or GOLDENFEATHER.COM without having to go thru a licensed Realtor?

Any advise and assistance would be greatly appreciated (and rewarded)!

Are you still looking for properties in the Indianna area, that are distressed?

Contact and get to know many realtors in your area. They could and will be a good source of info and education, no I am not a realtor. I just play one on TV. They can send you daily alerts on new listings, sold, and pendings. This will give you market knowledge…which will be the cornerstone of your new career.
Learn about “assignments” or sub2 buying.
When you find a really good deal, it won’t take much effort to sell.
Price solves everything ! Darin

try to go to networking events and meet as many people as you can


Let me give you a couple of places you can go in Indy. One is for comps and other info on property. The other is a Real Estate Investment Club on the notheast side @ Fort Harrison.
My Castle is owned by an investor in Indy and Cireia is a great place to network and make contacts.