Real Estate Investor (India)

Hi Guys,

I am a newbie…i did read the rules and think I am good to go on this one.

I am originally from India, living in the US since last 9 years. Still have family there, and I have invested heavily in the Indian Real Estate market over the last 4-5 years. Those investments have paid off handsomely (over 250% returns).

Here is an article published in Times of India yesterday:

Okay, so let me come to point. I am at a juncture where in order to buy any more real estate, I would have to sell some of my current holdings. However, I see tremendous long term potential in what I currently own, and would like to avoid selling. So basically, I want to get the experts’ inputs on what my options are. How do I go about setting up a way for investors in the US to either A) Loan me the money (guaranteed by my current assets) or B) form partnerships with investors to acquire assets as a group.

Thanks in advance for your inputs. :help


My feeling is that maybe you are putting the cart before the horse?

You need local real estate contacts, whom you can talk to face-to-face. Have you started attending your local real estate investor’s group meetings? My feeling is that joint investment deals are best done where you have personal contacts and trust. It’s time to start working on that network.


You are not going to get USA investors to give money to a total stranger to be invested in a foreign country.

My suggestion: if you are making so much money, save some of it and provide your own funds for purchasing additional properties. You are making a wheelbarrow full. What are you doing with all that money?

You are really looking in the right areas. You should line up financing first. I would advertise to USA investors for funds. I would look at the real estate investors clubs in the local markets that you plan to invest in for partners. I would then ask for investments and give back proceeds from the deals done.

The problem is that most people will have a problem trusting a person from another country with nothing to bring to the table but a dream. We here in the USA get scams everyday that look just like any legitimate offer you can make from there.

The key is to provide the potential investor with assurance of return of their money before you talk about return on their money.

so did you invested again in the Indian property? Now properties in India are very high and if you sell now you may get good returns.

Start from scratch. Learn the basics. Establish yourself first in the local area. From there you would gain contacts and trust (like what furnishedowner has mentioned) and you’d be able to actualize your plans from there.