Real Estate Investment Programs

I’m a relatively new investor her is S. Louisiana and am reading, watching and listening to all the information I can get.

One program that has caught my attention is Tim Mai’s Vitual Investor System.

Does anyone have any experience (positive or negative) about this program?


Bob Burns

Before spending loads of cash on any investing system, I would recommend visiting ebay and trying to pick up a inexpensive course that is within the niche that you are interested in. I have purchased several real estate investing courses from Ebay at a big discount.

Good luck.

Tim Mai is not the only one with this system. There are similar systems advertised by Jeff Adams, Larry Goins, Joe Crump, just to name a few of the advertisers that flood my email inbox. I am sure there are others with comparable systems.

What part of Tim’s advertising caught your eye? what was appealing? If you let us know, we might be able to steer you to the right course

My advice is along the lines of raburns. Figure out to the best of your ability what appealed to you and then someone here can point you to the right place.