*** Real Estate Investment Clubs ***

I’m broke how can joining a local REI Club help or how has it helped you?

A REI club, just like a forum like this, is nothing more than a library. Lot’s of information, but does nothing unless you do something with it.

The local REI club around here (South Jersey Investors) allows non members to attend meetings for $15. You may try locating you local club to see if they offer something similar and then attend those meetings where the subject interests you.

Thank You!

If you are broke you need to change how you think about life and money. No matter how much real estate you have or even how much money you have if you are broke now you will end up broke until you change your way of thinking. Broke (like rich) is not about money it is about behavior and attitude.

You have 1 source of income maybe 5 or 6 credit cards 1 rent and 2 car payments and you can’t keep them from making you broke. How are you going to handle 20 mortgages and 20 different people paying you at different times from 20 different bank accounts with different times for checks to clear and get all those mortgages paid on time without bouncing checks every month if you can’t even keep a normal life straight? No club can teach you that.

REIC’s are generally a waste of time and nothing more than a carnival for selling crap to unsuspecting wannabe investors such as yourself. Do yourself a favor and avoid like the plague.
Instead, focus on one stategy for getting started and get to work. Many folks have similar stories to yours and have gone on to very successful real estate careers. No reason you can’t.

I appreciate every word!
Thanks again!

Take a look at lease options as a way to get started with little capital required.

:bobble Find a rich friend…lol