real estate investment clubs in chicago, detroit, and kentucky

I am looking for real estate investment clubs in detroit and kentucky. I am also looking for a great attorney in chicago and detroit who can do simultaneous closings. Thanks.

For investment clubs, look on the main page of this website…on the left, under investor resources…where it says “real estate clubs”. There is a list of clubs there. As for Attorneys, the best way to find a knowledgeable one is to locate a club in your area and go there and talk to the experienced investors. Find out who they use. As a matter of fact, this website and investment clubs are the two best places to get answers to almost any question you can come up with.

I emailed you websites for local REIAs in Detroit. In Michigan, title companies do closings. Most that I’ve dealt with will do assignments, double closings, etc, as long as everything is on the up and up. Find one in your area that understands what you want to do and build a relationship, that’s the important thing. Prices are pretty much the same from one to another.

Can you give me those title companies in Detriot once more. THanks