Real Estate Investment Buying Networks

Wondering if any of you are familiar with real estate networks that sell investment grade property to investors?? What is the cost to participate usually? Do you think they are a good idea?

I am sure there are networks such as this that probably are decent investor avenues to pursue, but I think the type of networks you are talking about are the kind for new investors to get sucked in to. Like I said I am sure there are networks that may be reputable, but the few I have come across are just something for newbies to get sucked in to.

Another form of what you are talking about are called REIT, Real Estat Investment Trusts, I believe. Although REITs are usually on a much larger scale working with corporate funds or privat funds, but in the millions.

Tell us more about what it is you found so that everyone else can atleast hear about what you know. No need to mention names of people or companies, just how it works.

i’m familiar with 2 large and 2 small investor networks.
3 of them were started by people with great honesty and integrity.
they basically do the research for people who have full time jobs and no time[or maybe aptitude]
to devote to research about investing.
they lead you to an area they think will do well in terms of appreciation and help you buy new homes
at a slight discount[they tie up with the builders]
they set up property management for you too. its like a 1 stop shop.
the 4th involved someone of less than questionable honesty. she charged her clients a $1k fee per
subdivision and also got a 6-10% kickback[its not a commission since it wasnt disclosed].
even her clients made money!!!
anyway my experience with the other small investment group has been awesome. i’ve
recommended all my close friends and they’re all happy too.