Real Estate Investment Advice

I am new to seeking out real estate investment opportunities and would like some advice about what types of investments might be good opportunites for someone new the real estate market. I have thought about starting out by purchasing a real estate lot (such as a mountain lot in a resort area) in an area that is quickly being developed and where land value is quickly increasing. I would hold onto the lot for awhile and resale once property value was at a point of giving me a good profit. My credit is excellent and I also have a good amount in a line of credit that I can use towards the purchase of real estate. Let me know of your investment opportunity experiences.



Technically speaking, buying a piece of property and sitting on it for future appreciation and subsequent sale is not investng, it is speculating. Speculation is OK (there is nothing wrong with speculating and I’m not bad-mouthing it) and can pay great dividends as long as you understand that your money is tied up and that there is no guarantee of future appreciation. In some areas, appreciation is a pretty safe bet – in others, it is not.


I agree with Keith. I think that your best solution is to try on buying single or two family properties that need rehab as most of the rei’s in this forum are doing. I am starting up as well (newbie) and I notice that there is alot of opportunities to get good cash out of these type of properties since I have been in this business working for the past 4 years as a general contractor.

Good Luck.