Real Estate Investing with IRA?

I heard it was possible to use my IRA to purchase real estate? is this true? Does anybody have any information on this?

Ben ???

I have used my IRA, it is called a seld0directed IRA. Since the new portablility law you only need to use a custodian, i use one locally (Fort Myers, FL, not knowing where you are?). They charge a nominal fee, mine is $200 a transaction. Using this self-directed IRA i can use this to defer tax. Each investment i do is different, but i will take the last one for instance, i purchased RE using 90% of my IRA and the other 10% myself, so at sale i will place 90% of the return tax deferred into my IRA and place the other 10% to m which i will pay taxex only on the 10%. The developer i invest with actually pays for these costs.