Real Estate Investing Skills

No matter how you go about becoming involved in real estate, there is one skill that must be mastered in order to become successful. Now measuring success is a subjective matter. This means that it is open to opinion and individual evaluation. Objectivity is the opposite of subjectivity. For instance, I might measure “success” as having a passive income of $25,000 a month, whereas another person might consider that number to be complete failure.

Having said this, whatever way you measure success, there is one skill that will literally hunt you down and let you know that you have a long way to go towards achieving success. It’s not salesmanship. It’s not tenacity. It’s not creativity. It’s not knowledge of the subject matter.

For instance, let’s say you’re a real estate agent. You could be omnipotent, meaning you know all there is to know in the universe about real estate. However, this will not make you more successful if you have not mastered, or at least recognized the need to improve, this all-important skill.

If this skill were an animal, it would be a predator and the most feared! It’s a predator because it is constantly eating away at you. When you sleep, it gains on you and you can never out run it, ever. It requires the utmost respect and in order to tame it, you must practice skilled management of it.

No, it’s not an actual animal, but it sounds scary doesn’t it? Time. Time management is the skill. The absence of it or a lack of skill will certainly spell doom for your investment and business goals.

So, how do we manage it? First of all, no learning process is sufficient unless you’re involved in it. No words written in this article will provide you with the necessary respect you must have for time. All this article can accomplish is to plant the seed in your brain.

Having said this, first you will need to experience how out of control your business affairs are without being organized. This will teach you a valuable lesson. Secondly, if you come to respect the need for time management, you will realize that steps are needed to develop time management skills. On the other hand, if you don’t come to respect time and treat it as you would say, money, you will undoubtedly lose interest in your business/investing endeavors and say, “Forget about it….It’s too hard.”

But we’re always moving forward in a positive manner so we’ll say that you will respect time, and fully realize its value. Then once this state of mind is actualized, it’s time for hands-on skills toward improving this skill. Good luck!