Real Estate Investing Newbie (Like everyone else)


I’m a Real Estate Investing Newbie who just moved to Saint Petersburg Florida, (2 Years ago). I’m looking into getting started in Wholesaling and Sub 2 and Lease Options. There are a LOT of gurus down here and some have taken my money, (I’m not here to badmouth) but I still would like to get started. I can get started on my own but I need the steps in order so I can follow perferably low cost.

Thanks in advance for all of your input.

Step 1: Find a REAL deal … not a so-so or maybe deal, but a real deal. You can tell a real deal because it is one you would buy without blinking twice if only you had the money. Real deals generally (always???) have a large profit potential.

Step 2: Tie up the property through a purchase agreement that will let you assign the purchase and also has one or more escape clauses. Alternately tie up the property using an option to purchase.

Step 3: Don’t get greedy and overprice the property. Sell the option to purchase or assign the agreement of sale to someone who can actually buy, at a price that will sell FAST.

In my experience, finding the REAL deals is the hardest part.

Be careful not to celebrate too early as not every deal you put under contract is going to make it to the closing table.You should come with up with a good marketing strategy for developing your buyers list.

Thank You,

I will continue to look though this website to find strategies that will find properties at a discount.

Since you knwo what you want to do. Start buy building a large buyers lists and qualiyfying the buyers and working with the most motivated first. Then do the same with del sources. Then build profit centers around those with services that investors need like contractors, funding, property etc. Then everyday do nothing but build relationships, educate yourself and market, provide investor with info they need like comps etc. make offers and have offers coming in on your deals, and close the deals. Message me for more info on FREE lifetime mentoring.

I would need to know what exactly you are hoping to do, you mention wholesaling and then throw in sub2 and L/O. Are you looking at these as 3 separate activities or flipping the contract on each so just wholesaling.

Final question is how much time do you have to devote. Maybe the answers will spark usable suggestions. Gurus are a dime a dozen and that is what most of them are worth. I have seen the hopeful pay up to $35k to learn what they could have learned from two good books at the library.

There are no magic secrets, just jump in the pool and learning to swim, and yes you can learn in the shallow end and don’t need to drown.

Thanks Brian and Happy New Year,

It’s going to be Wholesaling but I would like to learn all three (Wholesaling, L\O Sub2) Every deal that I am going to come across is not going to be a Wholesale deal but it might be a Lease Option or Sub2 deal. So I would like to learn all three so I can use my time more effectively, (I work from 7am to 6pm).

The guru’s already taken my money so I am a LOT smarter because of it, How could they do that to someone! :banghead