Real Estate Investing Clubs

How do I find a good one in the Dc/Metro Area

Go to all of them and decide which you like best.


thanks man

You’re welcome…REI Clubs are all different, as are most investors objectives so, what may be “right” for you, may not be for me…


Check out Beltway REIA

Meets in Alexandria off of Telegraph Road. I went last night and was very impressed. They had a chock-full agenda (and stuck to the timeframe which automatically won ME over) and the presentation by Troy Titus was excellent. Very friendly group and as a newbie I felt very welcomed and . . .re-energized to keep pursuing my REI dreams!

Good luck! :slight_smile:

This is the group that a buddy of mine belongs to…he speaks VERY highly of it…unfortunately, I did not get to a meeting while I was living there so I have no first-hand knowledge.


a Are there any fees for any of these clubs…I am looking but I dont see aything about price

Most clubs have dues…you can usually pay an annual fee or you can pay a slightly higher rate at the door…the contact for each group should be happy to fill you in.