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What forms would i need if i was going to Buy Sell & Invest Real Estate , Rehab , Misc. Forms for the state of California.


Like most things that involve the law and money there is no easy answer to your question. The real answer is - it depends.

I did a quick count of California Association of Realtors forms and found that about 40 different forms could be used in a normal transaction. A few (Agency Disclosure, Dual Agency Disclosure, Buyer Broker Agreement, Commission Agreement, etc.) are only used by those licensed to buy and sell in the state.

It is important to realize that you may be able to buy and sell a property in the state without using the correct forms but you also are liable to be sued later on. For example, a buyer has the right to legal recourse three years after discovery of a problem. The buyer could have bought a property, found a foundation problem four years later and brought legal action against the seller three years after finding the problem.

so using anything other then a Assoc. Of Realtors contract will come back and bite you.

what other contracts would i need if i just leave the purchasing and buying up to a realtor, to rehab properties.

and what forms would i need if i were able to get a seller interested, and flip to another investor.

thanks teksch