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Hello, I am fairly new to real estate investing so excuse me if this is a blantantly fraudulous site =)
I came across this very interesting website where its stated that if you use their funding, and use your own name, you can close and flip properties and get to keep the profits, “minus the discount I charge for using my funding sources. Here you get to keep 90 to 95% of the profits depending on the financing!”
And if you use the company’s name, keeping yourself completely out of it legally I suppose? You share the profits on the flip 50/50.

Is it me or does this way to good to be true? I suppose it would be profitable, if they funded knowledgeable investors, but it appears they are letting almost anyone into this deal. I have heard of some type of deal similar to this where an investor funds a deal and you do the fix up and split profits, but this is up to 95%… and w/o much investment needed from you (only newspaper ads and business cards)

What makes me very suspicious of this particular offer is that the site states repeatedly the company’s name “Cardens Capitol Solutions,” but when I type that name into a search engine I see only the advertisement for this deal. There is no website posted for the company and the only website even listed “” is down… This appears to either be a fake or is dead, but I was wondering are there actual companies that do deal similar to this? (funding flips for a cut of the profit?)

Thanks for any help!

Oh forgot to include the site:

It seems to be no longer a working business but are there others like it that are actually working and not frauds? (i think im just dreaming lol)