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Hi, I am a fourth year student of the University of Portsmouth and I am looking for an attractive topic for my final project. As I am graduating in International Finance and Trade, I would like to write about international trade and finance in connection with real estate. I would be glad if some could provide me with a professional advice on a topic selection. Please feel free to give me any ideas!

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how about the relation between real estate and jobs being outsourced overseas.

Try his suggestion… seems cool to me though

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It would be better if you go for a topic that you really are interested about. BTW Are you done with it?

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Your choice is pretty cool! Carry on.

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You can choose any topic of your choice related to real estate financing like
“Why do you need to understand real estate financing?”
“Real estate Financing Sources”
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what about the foreign national loan?

Other peoples money!!!

misconception while buying new commercial or residential property

I’d read about this :slight_smile:

An interesting topic is a relation between real estate and stock market. The strength or weakness of the U.S. and global economy appears to influence both stock and home prices. While this is not surprising, it does not display any other direct relationship between the two measures. For example, a strong economy typically features high demand for products and services, including real estate and investments. During these periods of general prosperity and demand, you could substitute autos, refrigerators or furniture for home prices and see the same overall increases, further confirming the lack of a relationship. Rising inflation has the same effect on home and stock prices, which increase during inflationary periods. Increasing inflation devalues the U.S. dollar, driving prices for assets upward. Even low inflation rates, such as those seen between 2007 and 2013, force stock prices to rise. While seldom as dramatic as the runaway prices during the housing bubble from the early 2000s through 2007, both home prices and stock market prices increase moderately over time. However, no statistical evidence shows that home prices influence stock prices or vice versa.
One condition may indicate a relationship between home and stock prices, as it has happened before. Both real estate and investments risk the danger of bubbles as a stock broker] would say, when rising prices continue beyond the limits of financial logic. For example, should home prices increase 10 to 15 percent per month for no economic reason, as happened on Cape Cod, Massachusetts, in the mid-1980s, the stock market may follow, defying financial logistics. The stock market may lead or follow housing price trends, but both can exceed logical financial increases. During bubbles – which eventually burst – home and investment prices may influence each other to increase beyond reasonable limits before crashing down.

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You may be interested in the topic of the future in real estate and how relations between all participants in this market will be regulated. This can be done on the example of already existing service Rentberry, which among other things offers the use of smart contracts. It seems to be interesting to reflect on this topic. Perhaps, now there are a number of other services related to real estate, which change the market and you can take it to your work.

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