Real Estate Education

I want to know how you rate the real estate education you recieved so far, regardless of the instructors or the particular program (Nugu)?

I started learning real estate investing from my parents in the 1970’s, my mother was a broker and my father a real estate developer, they bought there first investment property in 1959 while my dad was still in college.

With Nugu’s like Wade Cook, Dave Del Dotto, Ed Beckley, Marc Garrison, Nick Koon, Al Lowery, Mike & Irene Milin, William McCorkle, Bill Nickerson, Robert Shemin, Wright Thurston, Russ Whitney, Claude Diamond and many more!

I have my own impressions of my education, I would like to hear yours?


Please tell me what a NUGU is. You are the only one I’ve ever seen that uses that abbreviation.

I would like to answer your poll, but I don’t know how to reply. I started my real estate education with the Carleton Sheets “No Money Down” course (with all the extra videos) and I thought that was a very good beginner’s education. My only criticizm is that he didn’t explain operating expenses properly or other ‘down’ aspects of the business.

Following that, I read just about every guru book out there and attended many large REIA conventions, listening to almost all of the popular gurus. Almost without exception, I would say that they are nothing but motivational b.s… In fact, many of them are worse than that because they actually make false statements that will actually hurt the newbies they are teaching. It is not apparent to me that some of these people have ANY actual real estate experience.

Finally, I ended up at my local REIA. A successful local landlord took me under her wing and I got an EXCELLENT, real world education. As opposed to the gurus, she was actually in the rental business and knew all the ins and outs of the business.

So, if I had to answer your poll, I’d say that I reasonably good understanding of the basics from Carleton Sheets. Then I got a bunch of worthless motivational b.s. from the “gurus”. Finally, I got a great real world education from my new friends at my local REIA.


I’ve been learning from Steve Cook who I have nothing but high praise for. I’ve also have read many books. A lot of them say the same things, but I find that I need to hear stuff Over and Over and Over again before it really sinks in.

Reading in REI Club refers to NUGU for Guru!!!

My education was similar to property managers. I started with Carlton Sheets course and then got involved with a local landlord association and since then became its president. Now I have taken several seminars from others that members have recommended. All in all I would not change a thing. The local association helps me stay on my original track and doing well.