Real estate developer looking for funding

I am a real estate developer in Bucharest Romania.
I have developed 3 projects in Bucharest, and currently I am starting my biggest real estate development with a total investment value of 13.000.000 Euros. The project consists in the development of 8 apartment buildings and one commercial bulding on a 10.000 sqm land, situated only a few
I am currently lookig for an investor or partner in order to secure 100% of the capital required to develop the first building from the total of 9 that my project includes.
At the moment the investment value in the project exceeds 3.75 million Euros, and we are looking for a partner or onvestor willing to invest 250.000 Euros, in order to develop an 2700sqm apartment building with 38 units to sell.
If anywone is interested I can send you my Investment Proposal and we can discuss further details.
Thank you,
ovidiu Cismileanu


 I am willing to take a look at your project with an open mind, with that said there are no guarantees.

Send a PM (Personal Message) with your email address to my REI Club box and I will email you. I take it you will send your project info by email?


There are $7 Trillion + available in qualified plans (IRAs, Pensions, Profit Sharing, 401k’s, etc.)…any of these where the trust documents, which holds the money, allows for real estate or mortgage investing, would be a great resource for you or any investor in need of funding.

Hope this helps.