Real Estate Courses - Who Can You Trust?

I have written a blog about various real estate courses and how they rate with the Better Business Bureau. Please before you invest your hard money, read my blog.

After several disappointing purchases of books and courses, the BBB is the first place I look now. Also I google the person so I can see if there are any complaints there.

Steve Maletos is who I am looking at now and the BBB states that he too has an unsatisfactory standing.

Makes you wonder if there are any true marketing courses that mean what they promise

I suggest anyone to use their local library first. That is the only learning I did to invest and have done well. You can see that success in my blog.

And yes, the internet is great. With forums & searches you have the world at your finger tips.

I found a great RE course and was so impressed with the product (many people purchase just for the product but this is also a great business opportunity) that I will be working the business full time (part time!) from Sep 30th. My escape from the rat race! Please see my post in ‘I’m Scared’.

A lot of times, though, the receivers of the courses have differing expectations, and when their expectations are not satisfied, they complain. Now, before anyone chastizes me, let me explain … Just about every book (and even some courses) I’ve read regarding REI, they go over what I call “shock content”. This is the over-emphasized wording that catches the readers attention - e.g., ‘No Money Down’. While it’s true that the majority of the courses out there are probably basic REI stuff loaded with high octane fluff to draw the reader into buying more products, a lot of them are genuine (once you get past the fluff).

Many people, though, need to have their hands held through every stage of the process. Even then, they wouldn’t feel comfortable doing it themselves. That’s why gurus “staged” their products. You get total newbies who buy a $20 book at B&N. Once they’ve whet their appetite, they realize the $20 book only gave them a brisk overview of one or more strategies of REI (if any at all!). Then they complain because their expectations were not met, because the book didn’t teach them “Step 1, Step 2, …”. Then they buy a $500 course and even though the information is more detailed, the same results occur. Then they pay $10,000 to have the guru come to their town and hand hold them. Same thing.

What a lot of people don’t understand (or cannot comprehend) is that THEY are the reason for their succes and failures in the business - not the guru. I’ve heard of people buying $1,000’s of REI material and spending years on the sideline, and complaining because the material hasn’t taught them “Step 1, Step 2,…” I went from totally clueless about REI to my first deal in less than 5 months. In that time, my out-of-pocket expenses on REI education was probably <$100 on 3 books. I spent a lot of my free time perusing REI web sites to further enhance my education.

The point is while there are some good and some bad courses, different people have different levels of expectation. I believe most look at books and courses as something holy in which after they’ve read they’ll miraculously know everything about REI, which is impossible. The best teacher is experience, and that will only come when they decide to lay the book down and take the plunge.

Good note, Stephen…great points.


well put. And when they realize they can’t be held by the hand, they can begin to do for themselves. Unfortunatley many don’t get to this point. YOU are responsible for making your own success, not others. And the best way to success is jump in and DO IT!

It is fear of the unknown that paralyzes many. But what is really unknown is not what is ahead but what is inside. That is, if each knew the potential of what is inside them they would have no fear of that which is outside. I’m not too swift at this hour. Each must make the decision to act upon whatever is read whether it is a lot or little, it makes no difference. Action is the key. Mistakes are the foundation to ultimate success. Stream of conciousness going here – must quit.