Real Estate Contracts

Do I have to be a Real Estate Agent in order to handle contracts? Currently, I have no idea how to fill one out and I was wondering if someone can direct me to a resource where I can learn about contracts and how to fill them out properly so that I don’t have to rely upon the services of a Real Estate Agent or become one myself.

a conract is simply any written agreement between two parties. You don’t have to be an agent to make one.

You can get most states boilerplate standard contract forms online and fill in the blank. some office supply stores sell blank contract forms as well.

the only thing to “learn” is put it in writing and be specific.

How do I “learn” to put it in writing properly? Since I have never filled out a contract before, I have no idea as to everything that I should include in a contract?

I heard that using a contract that was bought at a Office supply store isn’t all that great and so what are your reasons why you feel that those are adequate? I also heard people say to not use contracts that are provided at seminars either. Well, I took a seminar and they provided me with a contract and now I don’t know if it’s ok for me to use it or not.

I got one from I had my mortgage broker help me fill it out. He said it was a very good contract. I paid $45 a package that has every contract involved in buying/selling a house.

Which contract was it that you purchased on uslegalforms?

Do you know of any products that teach you how to fill out contracts?

They are state specific.