Real Estate Contract Wholesaling Question


Once I enter into a contract with a seller (for an assignable contract), how much time would I typically have to assign the contract to a real estate investor?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.



You actually write a purchase contract for the property and then assign the contract! Usually you only have 15 to 20 days depending on overall terms of your contract to put your buyer into position!

Build yourself a real estate investor buyers list and an end user (Owner Occupied) buyers list before you try to contract a property. I generally buy what my customers want!


If you have a good deal going, you should be able to assign the contract within 24 hours. My last flip sold in 12 hours and I had 4 buyers fighting over it.

For buyers, join it’s free. Also, build a buyers list and email blast them. I list my deals on and send the links to my buyers. If you’re a member of a REIA, they normally have a posting area.

As to your question; Somewhere in your contract it should state the period of time to close.