Real Estate Clubs - Upstate NY ????

Hello… I am looking for a Real Estate Investors Club in the Albany, NY area. I found info on the web for the Empire State Real Estate Investors Association – but the I tried to locate the contact person via phone and mail to no avail. I also went to the meeting place tonight - No meeting and the clerk told me he is working there several months and has never seen this group…

So – if anyone has any info on groups in the Albany, NY area - please let me know!

Hi Ellie,

This site has 20 listings for REI clubs in NY, several in the Captial Region:

This one has 24, several in the Capital Region:

Hope this helps and that you find a helpful club!


Hi Keith…

Thanks for the info… The clubs listed for upstate NY are really quite a distance from Albany! There are 2 Rental Property Owner Clubs – that are right in the area –

I’m going to contact them all and see if any works for me…

I’m just a bit shocked that Albany, NY does not have a REI Club!!

Thanks for your help!


I used to know the area a little better – I’m originally from the Berkshires just over the state line in Massachusetts.

Maybe someone in the Rental Property Owner clubs knows of an REI Club that’s not listed…