real estate clubs nearby?

Hey all, I’m interested in the real estate game, 20 years old and have no idea what I’m doing. Currently I’m reading some books on real estate, but I have been told joining a club really helps. Are real estate clubs just a group of people that meet every so often at round table pizza or something? If so, is there some website that can show me clubs near me?

Have you tried the link to the left of this post under Investor Resources? “Real Estate Clubs”

First let me commend you for deciding to enter the real estate investing game at your age. It might turn out to be one of the best decisions you’ve ever made.

Definitely join your local real estate investor club(s). The more the better. Focus on learning as much as you can and networking with the real “players”. They will be easy to spot!

You can also check out this blog site for a list of clubs and their contact info:
Hope this helps.

Alex Pardo

thanks guys for the link and inspiration. Although college likely doesn’t have real estate agent on it’s agenda, I would ideally like to make an extra few k in investing in real estate every month. Hope this is the start!

The idea behind real estate investors clubs is that everybody knows that you learn from YOUR mistakes. Because everybody knows it and everybody is not rich it is not true. So then you rewind and say that everybody knows that you learn from OTHERS mistakes. But then again because everybody knows it and everybody is not rich then it is not true. In fact if you learn a thousand mistakes that a person made, you only know a thousand ways it won’t work. You still have no idea how to do it. In fact the truth is that you learn from other’s successes.

What a real estate investors’ club does is allows you to see a lot of people doing real estate the right way in your local area. What I suggest you do is find somebody that has the things in life that you want and mimic them. Find someone with the health, wealth, time, etc that you want. Find out how they do it and do EXACTLY what they are doing. Don’t get cute, don’t try to reinvent the wheel. Don’t try to improve on it just do just what they do and you will get what they have.

That is the advantage to these investor’s clubs. They put you in the room with people that know how to do it.

When you go to the club meetings look around for the person that you can see yourself being like. If you like doing projects look for the guy with the van always keeping busy with one rehab or another. If you see yourself hanging around the country club, find the guy that never swings a hammer and is on vacation more than he is at work. They are all found in real estate. My dad had apartments and rent houses and always did repairs. He was at the apartments every weekend and most week days. He had to buy a pickup truck. He loved it. I almost never see my houses. I have a sports car. That is the beauty of real estate. Each type can make money.