Real Estate closing on a Saturday?

Is it possible to have a closing on a Saturday? I am thinkin of purchasing a property out of state and cant just leave work to hop on a plane…

You can close a property anytime…if you are using a title company, it will probably be difficult to talk them into it…a lawyer may be more flexible time wise.

  • You can also appoint a power of attorney to close for you

  • In this day of overnight FedEx, you can also have the title company close with the seller and then FedEx you the docs. You will have to have it all notarized but I just closed 3 properties with an out-of-state buyer that way. It takes a few days but can be worth it…


Thanks Keith

A friend of mine also did a recent closing and did a power of attorney. Just keep in mind that it costs a little bit extra. In our case, the registry charged an extra $150 to record the power of attorney and the attorney charged $75 to set it all up and of course we had to get the document signed in front of a notary.