Hello all,

I missed you guys here. I’ve been busy with school. I want to take some real estate courses. Does anyone know of a pay as you go classes? I’m located in the north east bronx. I know they have a real estate school on white plains road. I think it is closed. If anyone know of one, please let me know.

Thanks in advance :cool


Classes to become a real estate agent? or Classes to become a real estate investor?


The local community college in my area offers real estate courses. Tuition is charged for each course you take at the beginning of the semester you take it.

For a real estate license? Obviously you have to take them to pass the exam and learn ligalities, although they will not help you in making it in the real world.
If you are taking real estate classes on real estate investing at a local college, they are probably great in providing you with fundamentals, but then you need to find an investor or mentor who is out there and active in the field.
Good luck.

As far as I College of Mount Saint Vincent have a RE salesperson course where classes are held at the Riverdale campus.