Real Estate Classes

My local Century 21 is offering real estate classes for the low low price of $275.00. Its a 4 hour a week for 8 week course that will introduce me to real estate and prepare me for the state real estate agent exam.

I really don’t want to be an agent, but I would like to invest. Is it worth it?

Probably wouldn’t make any difference if you are not going to get a license. The pass rate for these “schools” is about 35% here in California versus about 90% for community colleges. The required course (until 2008) for taking a conditional license here at a community college would cost about $60. You might want to see what your local schools offer first.

The steps to a re license show you how to get a re license and don’t show you how to invest. Your money could be better spent on things other than that course if you are looking to be an investor.

…on the other hand, getting a real estate license would give you the opportunity to make extra money in the real estate field; give you access to the MLS; facilitate meetings with realtors and investors; etc. Many realtors are investors (not me).


I’ve just earned my real estate broker’s license. If you do decide to take the plung, here’s the scope of opportunities the real estate business can offer in residential and commerical:

Real Estate Brokerage
Property Management
Financing - Methods
Property Development
Real Estate Educator
Real Estate Investor

The classes and exams were very tough but I gained a lot of knowledge within a short period of time. I think knowing the concepts, laws and regulations are half the battle of keeping you out of some undesirable situations when it comes to dealing in real estate. The failure rate might be so high because you’re trying to learn so much in a very short time. You’re book is about the size of a telephone book and the classes are fast paced. If you don’t get the first time around you might be in trouble.


Where are you at…here in Delaware you are required to pass a 99 hour course from an accredited school just to sit for the test. Most classes run 9 hours a week, can only miss a total of four classes, and cost about $650 locally. Sounds like you got it pretty sweet where you are. Good Luck!!